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Our Rich Heritage

UW Fabric (Ulster Weavers Fabric) is home to Spence Bryson
and Moygashel, two outstanding linen brands that offer
high-quality fabrics with unique weaves and designs.

Spence Bryson and Moygashel have a long and proud tradition of
making quality linens from the best yarns in the world and have
unparalleled expertise and skill in their craft.

Spence Bryson and Moygashel are two renowned linen brands that are

part of UW Fabric, the ultimate destination for high-quality fabrics with exclusive weaves and designs. Both have a long and proud tradition of producing quality linens that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries respectively. They use the finest yarns in the world and have unparalleled expertise and skill in their craft and have supplied linen fabrics for various purposes, such as clothing, home textiles and industrial products.

Spence Bryson and Moygashel are known for their innovation, quality

and versatility in the linen industry.

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Introducing Spence Bryson Linens

Spence Bryson linen fabrics embody a timeless quality and elegance that translate into sheer luxury for men

and women’s tailoring.

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Introducing Moygashel Linens

Moygashel furnishing collections fuse classic and contemporary colours and textures to create a versatile range of drapery and upholstery.

What Makes Us Unique

100% IRISH


Irish Linen stands out

with its craftsmanship, durability and

elegance, making it a highly desirable choice

for those seeking

quality and prestige.



We offer expert

guidance and analysis

that empowers you

to make informed investment decisions, ensuring maximum

returns and

minimising risk.



This allows for greater
flexibility and

convenience in purchasing, catering

to a wide range of

needs and budgets.



This service offers precision cutting

and customisation options, ensuring a

perfect fit for

every customer.



Wash finishes offer a luxurious and soft feel

to your linens,

enhancing their

overall comfort and providing a touch

of elegance.

About Irish Linen

The Flax Flower

The Flax flower blossomed in midsummer and was a common sight across the Irish countryside known as the “wee blue blossom”. Flax production has now moved to Belgium, North of France and the Netherlands due to the region’s mild climate and rich soil. These conditions help produce the fibre we use in our weaving today.

Sowed in Spring

Flax season starts when spring arrives, along with the farmers experience gained from each generation throughout the years. The farmers estimate the right time for sowing, avoiding the harsh frosts and downpours. Within 100 days the “wee blue blossom” is in full show, atop of its one meter stem attracting not only wildlife, but the admiring looks of bypassers. Within a few days the show has stopped, and the flowers disappear.

Harvested In Summer

By mid-summer the flax is now ready to be pulled, not cut in its harvest. The yield is laid in rows in the field and the natural retting process begins. Micro-organisms are helped by the role of the rain, dew and sun to help breakdown and loosen the fibres.

Retting & Scutching

Retting is an important task that only the expertise of those involved know when the fibres are broken down and easily extracted, too much retting and the yarns suffer. Once the flax is ready it's off to the mills. Fibres are then sent to the spinning mills where they are put through the scutching process to break down the stems.

Hackling & Weaving

The next step is hackling. This is where the finest yarns

are produced by pulling the fibres through thousands of combs. The fibres are then spun to produce the yarns

used in our weaving sheds. Weaving started here at

UW Fabric in 1890 and the purchase of “Moygashel”

and “Spence Bryson” ensured the weaving knowledge would not be lost.

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